It all began in 2017 when one of our friend in college suffered from a bad hamstring strain injury after a track and field workout. He was not on a varsity team, so he had to pay for his own recovery treatments. Unfortunately, he could not afford any physiotherapist fees to help him get back on track faster. That was a major turning point in our lives, because we decided to take this issue into our hands by delivering our own portable recovery tool. Indeed, It is unacceptable and unfair for all athletes who do not have access to basic recovery treatments from Sport Medicine Specialists. That is why we came up with the TMT Massage Tool™. 

It was created from the need for affordable home therapy tools for athletes of all ages and for all sports. The physiological benefits of vibration and percussion therapy are undeniable. The daily use of the TMT Massage Tool™ allows the body and muscles to clear lactic acid, break up scar tissue, increase range of motion, and increase blood flow. The TMT is also an immediate pain relief and home treatment for injuries such as back pain, pinch sciatic nerve, tight shoulders, tendinitis and many more. The TMT Massage Tool™ delivers real results, allowing the body to release tensions, relax and recover faster than ever after intense workouts.

Getting the TMT Massage Tool™ allows you to treat yourself daily and drastically reduce your overall costs for physiotherapists and chiropractor. Many satisfy customers has reported that owning a TMT is like owning a personal massage therapist at home, but only at a fraction of the cost. You deserve the Therapeutic Massage Tool has your companion for a complete, whole body healing, recovery and deep muscle treatment. The TMT is a sure investment towards your body and your daily recovery routine.

We have heard from athletes and people around the world about how TMT Massage Tools™ has helped them. We would love to hear about your story too. Contact Us !