Most of the other massagers I bought were the vibrating or Shiatsu kinds, and while they did offer some type of relief, it was never quite enough The TMT actually moves past just the outer layer of skin and muscle, and reaches further into the different layers of muscles.

Allan Bennet

I found the product to be completely user-friendly right out of the box. No complicated instructions or learning curve. Quick charging.

Owen Mitchell

What a difference, this massager not only works so well, but is designed in a fashion that makes it possible for me to use this on my own back.

Dylan Martinez

This device is absolutely perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and just those looking for a solid at-home alternative to regular massage treatments!

Francesca Stoico

My sciatic nerve is inflamed and the TMT Venom helps me relieve pain across my lower back all the way through my legs. I definitely recommend it!

Bruce Johnson

I tried it on my legs first, little sensitive. The arch of my foot was ticklish, just put a sock on and it was better.

Carl Wilson

I typically work out 3-5 days a week either in my home gym with free weights or the occasional run. This device provides just the right amount of power and punch to beat my sore muscles into submission. Before this unit I would typically foam roll, tennis ball, icey hot, you name it.

Kareem Douglas

Wow, my muscles never knew what was missing until this equipment arrived.

Emily Adams

The TMT is one of the best tools to have in your warm up and recovery inventories! The machine itself is very solidly built and easy to use.

Emmett Wood

I highly recommend the TMT Massage Tools for my patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Suver

In my area all physiotherapists and massage therapists are closed due to the pandemic and I’m currently recovering from surgery. I use it everyday and the delivery was much faster than expected. I recommend it if you have muscle pain. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

Keith Foster

On top of being extremely pleased with my TMT massager, the customer service provided was second to none.

Louis Hopkins

I love how it relaxes my muscles after a good workout. And how it loosens up pinched areas. The portability is great too.

Terry Duncan

Fantastic tool for trigger points therapy and deep knots. Very aggressive!

Sean Bradly

I use it on my shoulders often. TMT is the best option next to going to a massage therapist.

Justin Vasquez

I have arthritis so bad that sometimes I can’t walk. The TMT Massage Tools is the only thing I’ve ever used that actually helps me walk without pain.

Jeanne Wilson

I suffered from chronic stress that caused knots, tightness, and pain in my shoulders and neck area. When I was introduced to the TMT, I was completely taken by… 

Olivia Pearson

I’m using it for my sciatica pain and it have relieved so much pain in the past few days worth every dollar so far.

Noah Shutton

it just feels great on my lower back ! thank you TMT !

Julia Sanders

The Variable Speed feature is Lit ! keeps me fresh and ready to run

James Lewis

Awesome customer services and fast delivery shipping. Could not be more pleased.

Thomas Brown

This is another life saver. The best purchase I’ve made all year. Hands down!

Jake Coleman

the TMT model is a little loud compare to Venom, but works great, very strong motor, works deep.

Ashley Robinson

I use the TMT to warm up my tight muscles and its unreal, its a great addition to my recovery game !

Walter Myers

I really love this massager because of the relief it gives me, and i’ve been using it for only a month.

Larry Clark

Using every day. Awesome results!

Michael Schwartz
We have heard from athletes and people around the world about how TMT Massage Tools ™ has helped them. We would love to hear about your story too. Contact us and leave us your testimonials in the comment section below !